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ARGENTINA | 02-09-2019 17:10

Woman attempts to smuggle marijuana-stuffed facturas into jail

The 24-year-old woman was visiting her boyfriend, who is being held in a Buenos Aires Province jail for a tentative murder charge.

A 24-year-old woman has been detained by police after being caught attempting to smuggle marijuana to her jailed boyfriend – by hiding it inside of two pastries stuffed with membrillo and dulce de leche.

The incident took place at the at the Florencio Varela Penitentiary Complex, the Buenos Aires Province Penitentiary Service (SPB) said today. The crime occurred Saturday at the Unit 54 of the jail, when the woman arrived to visit her partner, a 21-year-old man detained under pre-trial arrest for alleged homicide. 

When jail personnel asked to search the bag the woman was attempting to bring into the facility, they discovered two facturas inside her bag. Upon closer inspection, officers discovered two wraps of pressed, compacted marijuana known locally as 'paraguayo' hidden inside the filling of the pastries.

After the discovering the presence of the drugs, authorities stopped the woman and reported her to local officials. Authorities then arrested the woman, charging her under a drug infraction. 

A SPB spokesperson said that upon discovery of the drugs, the woman claimed innocence, reportedly saying: "I did know that it was there. My father-in-law sent it." 


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