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ARGENTINA | 23-06-2019 16:54

TV star accused of rape sneaks back to Argentina, then leaves

Juan Darthés returns to Brazil after week-long stay in Argentina, where he faces accusations of raping an underage co-star.

Just one week after sneaking back into Argentina, where he mostly avoided the eye of the media, television star Juan Darthés again packed his bags and returned to Brazil.

Darthés was accused last year of raping a co-star, Thelma Fardin, during the production of a children's television programme. She was underage at the time. In the wake of the scandal, Darthés fled to Brazil, where he was born and holds citizenship.

The actor was seen at Ezeiza international airport on Saturday in images which caused a stir among his detractors on social media, with Darthés seen sitting behind railing a kin to jail bars.

His lawyer Fernando Burlando told the media that Darthés had returned to Argentina to face up to the accusations against him but decided against staying amid rumours of another sexual assault allegation coming to light today, Monday.

"My advice as his lawyer was for him to return to the place of his birth as soon as possible, and that from there we can carry out the necessary legal processes", the lawyer said.

Darthés spent his week in Argentina within an exclusive gated community in the city of Rosario, where some locals expressed their anger.

"We want to accompany all the women who have had the courage to speak out and make these types of complaints, and who later get asked all the questions", Marina Boldrini, who handed out flyers targeting Darthés, told Perfil newspaper.

"This case shows how the defendant has the freedomm to leave for six months while Thelma Fardin is here explaining things", Boldrini complained.


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