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ARGENTINA | 13-09-2021 01:10

Alberto Fernández admits to 'errors' as he reacts to PASO loss

"Evidently, we have not done something right” – President Alberto Fernández faces up to a defeat in Sunday’s PASO primaries.

President Alberto Fernández admitted late Sunday that his government had not met society’s “demands” as he faced up to a painful loss in Sunday’s PASO primaries.

Addressing party leaders, officials, activists and supporters from the Frente de Todos bunker in Chacarita in the capital, the Peronist leader conceded that his government had made “errors,” while vowing to win back voters before crucial midterm elections in November.

"Nothing is more important than listening to the people. When the people express themselves, we abide by it," said the head of state.

"Evidently, we have not done something right,” he said.

Fernández was the only leader who addressed the audience, though the president was joined onstage by the coalition’s key leaders, including Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Axel Kicillof, Maximo Kirchner and Sergio Massa.

Reacting to the loss, the president said he would “respect” the will of voters and strive to meet their demands.

"Starting tomorrow we are going to work so that Argentines join us in November. We remain convinced that we are facing two models for the country: a model that includes everyone and a model that leaves millions behind," he declared.

“Let's not waste a day. The campaign has just started and in November we have to win it, because we have a commitment to Argentina,” said the president, who admitted that his administration's efforts must have been "insufficient."

The president was also joined onstage by the ruling coalition’s candidates for national deputy in Buenos Aires Province, Victoria Tolosa Paz and Daniel Gollan, and their fellow challengers in the City, Leandro Santoro and Gisela Marziotta.



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