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Requiem to an era

'Learn the lesson that if you are going to do the work of a prophet, what you need is not a sceptre but a hoe,' said Bernard of Clairvaux.

We have always taught about the unparalleled contributions of Islam to Western culture and medicine in particular; without them, we would still be treating illnesses with holy waters and surgeons or barbers, resigning ourselves to accepting illnesses as inevitable designs from the afterlife that could not and should not be treated or cured.

With a wonderful historical setting in the 11th century, the book The Physician by Noah Gordon (later made into an unmissable film of the same name starring Ben Kingsley), describes how a Christian had to disguise himself as a Jew in order to learn true medicine with the great Avicenna (otherwise known as Ibn Sina) in Isfahan. Despite all the knowledge he acquired, upon his return to England where he is pursued and persecuted for “contradicting” his Christianity and studying with Muslims and Jews, most unpleasant.

The aforementioned events can be described with the phrase attributed to Bernard of Clairvaux: “The road to hell is full of good intentions,” given that learning from the best to cure the sick was a capital sin according to the Christian religion of that time. 

Something similar seems to be happening now: a majority of the elderly, young people, women, children and babies intentionally massacred, raped and kidnapped by Hamas belonged to the so-called ‘Israeli left’; that is, those who lived in community populations with rural and industrial technology and who permanently expressed their support for the two-state solution (Israel and Palestine), along with the creation of a common market that would enhance the well-being of all the inhabitants of the region.

In line with these convictions, they hired workers from Gaza, created aid programmes for its inhabitants, and brought dozens of children from Gaza for treatment in Israeli hospitals. They also carried out demonstrations and publications against government policies that torpedoed progress towards the Oslo Accords. Exactly this population was the one targeted by thousands of members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, allegedly stimulated by kilos of captagon and self-filmed preaching in mosques in favour of shedding rivers of blood of Jewish women and children until they were exterminated, as well as praise for those who executed them.

As human beings we are traumatised by an epidemic of horrific pathogens such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Taliban, Islamic State, Boko Haram, and others. Let us also not forget the powerful and retrograde Iran on days like today, where the beautiful Armita Geravand died, a teenager beaten to death by the murderous “Iranian morality police” due to her criminal behaviour of refusing to wear a hijab. All of these groups are defenders of slavery and death, values ​​that fortunately Western culture has at least learned to reject.

Faced with this, we also do not understand many political and religious leaders of Islam. Do the massively raised Palestinian flags intend to support and adhere to these abhorrent and monstrous behaviours? Or is their intention to try to care for the civilians trapped between these pathogens and the indispensable therapy to remove them? If the correct answer is the second, then all pro-life advocates (if they include themselves in that category), should join hands to fight them with all available anti-biotics (and not receive them with state honours as Turkey and Qatar do); trying also to rescue in this process all those heavily hurt by them, without distinction of race, citizenship or religion.

Let us not forget that in the Israeli Army, Jews, Christians, Druze and Muslims fight together to defend their home and multiple shared values ​​(and the civilians and children intentionally killed by these beasts were also from these different faiths).

Obviously in this welter of facts and sensations, it must be very clear who defends what. The Russians, apparently so concerned now with Gaza and the killing of innocents, massacre Ukrainian civilians every day by bombing them without any warning.

Faced with this unique case in the history of wars, the Israeli forces warn and ask civilians to leave the places they are going to bomb. They are not blowing up the Gaza hospitals under which Hamas has intentionally located all its bases, exploiting that “moral weakness of the enemy” that pretends – as much as possible – not to harm innocent people.

If unfortunately, the real reason is the first, that is, pathologically justifying the monstrosities of “their own”, then humanity is getting closer every day to what Alberto Einstein already described as “a fourth world war, only with stones and sticks.”

We refuse to accept this! In the same way, we refuse to accept that there cannot exist a strengthened Palestinian State, jointly associated with the State of Israel, in a joint effort to promote the physical and spiritual well-being of all its citizens, and fully vaccinated against poisonous germs such as Hamas and its similar ones of any kind, religion or race.

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Martín A. Morgenstern

Martín A. Morgenstern

Dr. UBA, MBA y Bsc. Profesor e Investigador en Economía de la Salud.


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