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LATIN AMERICA | 11-03-2021 18:07

Ecuador recalls ambassador to Argentina after Fernández's comments

Ecuador recalls envoy to Argentina, Juan José Vásconez, for consultations to carry out an "exhaustive analysis of relations" after controversial statements by President Fernández.

Ecuador has recalled its Ambassador to Argentina, Juan José Vásconez, for consultations to carry out an "exhaustive analysis of  relations," the Foreign Ministry in Quito announced on Wednesday, after delivering a "stiff protest" over the statements of President Fernández against his colleague Lenín Moreno.

"The government has decided to recall Ecuador’s Ambassador to Argentina Juan José Vásconez for consultations with the objective of proceeding to an exhaustive analysis of Ecuador’s relations with the government of President Alberto Fernández and to impart to him the corresponding instructions," read the brief communiqué in full.

The Foreign Ministry indicated that on Wednesday morning Quito presented a "stiff protest" to Buenos Aires over the statements of Fernández against Moreno, which they dubbed as "intervention in our internal affairs."

Ecuador’s government "has emphatically rejected the expressions used by President Alberto Fernández, which it considers an unacceptable intervention in the internal affairs of another state," pointed out another communiqué.

Asked during a recent interview in the television news channel C5N about a possible distance with his Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Fernández replied: "I’m not Lenín Moreno. Those who imagine that don’t know me. I might have differences with Cristina and I do. We have different outlooks on some things but I arrived here with Cristina and I’m leaving with Cristina."

Moreno, who was the vice-president of Rafael Correa, who governed Ecuador between 2007 and 2017 and was an ally of the Kirchners, battled fiercely with his former boss, who called him a "traitor."

Their profound differences have plunged the ruling party, in power for the last 14 years, into a crisis with Moreno due to leave office on May 24, to be succeeded by the winner of next month’s run-off.


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