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LATIN AMERICA | 17-12-2021 17:17

Argentina to donate one million Covid vaccines to Bolivia

Health Ministry announces Argentina is to donate one million Covid-19 vaccines to Bolivia.

The Health Ministry confirmed Friday that Argentina’s government will donate one million Covid-19 vaccines to Bolivia.

The doses, which will arrive in La Paz on Monday, represent the largest donation yet between any South American nations since the start of the global pandemic. It is also Argentina’s largest, according to the Health Ministry.

The transfer of a batch of one million AstraZeneca vaccine doses will be carried out by an Argentine Air Force Hercules C-130 aircraft. Health Minister Carla Vizzotti will lead a team of government officials who will also travel onboard ahead of talks with their Bolivian counterparts.

"In the framework of policies of solidarity and reciprocity to confront the pandemic globally, Argentina has already sent more than 1.7 million doses to Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, Vietnam, Barbados and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, while other states are evaluating the acceptance of the offer made by Argentina," the Health Ministry said in a statement issued Friday.

Around 68 percent of the population over the age of three in Argentina has received two doses of Covid vaccines, while another 14 percent have been given one dose.

According to the Health Ministry, Argentina has "the necessary stock of doses to initiate and complete the pending schemes and to vaccinate with additional and booster doses all the inhabitants of the national territory."

The national government has announced that from January 1, all those seeking to attend mass events will need to show a “Covid health pass” – certification that they have received two doses..

This measure aims to speed up the vaccination programme, especially for children under 18 years of age, who are the furthest behind in the application of the second dose.

In recent weeks, Argentina has seen an uptick in the number of Covid cases recorded by the authorities and has sped up its campaign to deliver third “booster” doses to citizens and residents. 

On Thursday, 5,301 new infections were registered, the highest number since September 1. 



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