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LATIN AMERICA | 11-11-2019 12:22

Mexican government demands urgent OAS meeting on Bolivia 'coup'

Mexico's president calls on the Organisation of American States to take a strong, clear stance on the "government coup" in Bolivia, eschewing its "silence" up to this point.

The Mexican government has asked for an "urgent meeting" of the Organisation of American States (OAS) to discuss the "state coup" in Bolivia. 

Marcelo Ebrard issued the demand during during a press conference. "We are going to demand and propose an urgent meeting of the OAS about its silence regarding the coup in Bolivia," he said. 

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called on the organisation to "evaluate the situation with a clear position, not with silence." 

Sunday, before Bolivian president Evo Morales resigned, OAS released the results of the election audit that revealed "irregularities" in the votes on October 20, in which Morales had won what would've been his fourth term in the first round. 

"The position Mexico wants to assert is to vindicate and demand respect for the order of the constitution and of democracy in Bolivia," said the Mexican chancellor Monday morning. 

Also on Sunday, Mexico received government officials and legislators from Bolivia at its Embassy in La Paz and it offered asylum to Morales. However, at this point, they haven't received a response, according to Ebrard. 

"Mexico, in concordance with its tradition of asylum and non-intervention, has received 20 people from the executive and legislative branches of the Bolivian government in the official residence in La Paz. There, we decided we would offer them asylum as well as Evo Morales," Ebrard wrote on his Twitter account over the weekend. 


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