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LATIN AMERICA | 11-11-2019 09:56

Fernández implores Bolivia to return to democracy 'as soon as possible'

Looking for a return to stability in the neighbouring nation, the president-elect also reached out to Mauricio Macri with a request for collaboration

Argentina’s President-elect Alberto Fernández condemned the coup against the government in Bolivia on Sunday night, describing it as “lamentable,” and asking that the neighbouring country “return as soon as possible to the path of democracy” through “free elections.” 

He also reached out to the outgoing government of Mauricio Macri to collaborate on “preserving the integrity of those who could be persecuted because of the overthrow.” 

“The commitment of Argentina to healthy institutions and against any form of coup against the state in this continent should be comprehensive” Fernández remarked. 

He added that he has expectations that “authorities act under the state principle, preserving the integrity of those who could be persecuted because of this overthrow and that they collaborate until December 10 for the reclamation of democracy in Bolivia.” 

According to local reports, it is possible that Evo Morales and his government would ask for political asylum in Argentina, though others have suggested Mexico is a more likely destination, should he leave the country.

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