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LATIN AMERICA | 27-06-2023 15:08

Alberto Fernández showers praise on ‘friend’ Lula during bilateral meet

Brazilian president decorated his Argentine colleague with the Ordem Nacional do Cruzeiro do Sul during meeting at the Itamaraty Foreign Ministry in Brasília.

President Alberto Fernández met his Brazilian colleague Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Monday to commemorate 200 years of bilateral relations, alluding to his country’s delicate economic situation while affirming: "When you are in trouble, you ask for help from your friends and they are always there."

Following their meeting at the Itamaraty Foreign Ministry building in Brasília, they issued a joint statement and Lula decorated Fernández with the Ordem Nacional do Cruzeiro do Sul.

Fernández centred his message on highlighting his close personal links with Lula, only making a brief mention of state-state relations when he declared: "A lot of work lies ahead." He added that "many of the aims we proposed are being put into effect."

On his side, Lula underlined that he was working on the "creation of a line for financing exports" from Brazil to Argentina.

"Argentina is the third destination of our exports while Brazil is the first market for Argentine products," recalled the leader of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) while highlighting initiatives being jointly sought by both countries, such as the "adoption of a trade currency" which "does not eliminate" the currency of each nation.

The visit of Argentina's head of state to Brazil was Fernández's fourth this year. Its motive was to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. On June 25, 1823, the foreign minister of the United Provinces of the River Plate, Bernardino Rivadavia, sent a letter to his counterpart of the Empire of Brazil to celebrate the independence of the South American giant, which had been proclaimed on September 7, 1822.



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