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ECONOMY | 30-08-2023 18:50

Patricia Bullrich presents Carlos Melconian as pick for economy minister

Juntos por el Cambio presidential hopeful taps Carlos Melconian and his Fundación Mediterránea-IERAL development programme for Argentina.

Juntos por el Cambio presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich has presented Carlos Melconian as her future economy minister, also endorsing his development programme designed together with the Fundación Mediterránea-IERAL should she reach the presidency.

“We are ready to embark on this plan under a determined political leadership, which is what was missing to take Argentina out of its prostration,” affirmed IERAL president Melconian in a speech on Thursday.

Bullrich and Melconian were the two speakers at the Ciclo Voces Federales event in Córdoba sponsored by the Fundación Mediterránea and serving as the economist’s presentation as future minister.

The presidential candidate was preceded in her speech by the economist, who now officially joins the opposition coalition. Melconian commented that his plan sought a “change at root” to transform the country but “always within the system.”

The opposition leader’s designated economy minister defended his initiative by saying: a "There is a plan and programme, not a leap in the dark."


‘Realistic, feasible’

Head of Banco Nación during the Mauricio Macri administration, the economist dubbed his programme as "realistic" and "feasible," adding: "It’s common sense, practical and not dogmatic with horizons for the future, offering light at the end of the tunnel not a leap in the dark and it is important that this be understood."

During his presentation, Melconian was at pains to underline the differences with the proposals of La Libertad Avanza (LLA) headed by presidential frontrunner Javier Milei, underlining that his were “possible to implement.”

“The transformation must be disruptive but within the system with the changes institutional,” he pointed out.

Bullrich and Melconian both announced that the Juntos por el Cambio teams of economists would now be joining up with the Fundación Mediterránea to boost their joint work.

“The only thing prohibited here is the fantasy of theories impossible to put into practice,” he reiterated in clear allusion to Milei’s idea of dollarisation.

Melconian highlighted that his plan now has “political leadership” but at the same time underlined that it needed support from “all society.”



After the words of Melconian, Bullrich thanked the support of the Fundación Mediterránea, affirming: “We are aware of the challenges facing us.”

“My team and I are determined to go ahead with the changes, no matter the situation we inherit,” insisted the presidential candidate.

Bullirch considered: “We are not going to make the changes needed if we try the same tools again.”

Along those lines she stated: “We want to propose as a strategic idea bringing things to a halt and restoring order to the chaos. Governance means changing this disordered chaos of anything goes and permanent looting.”

Tracing her economic ideas in broad lines, she warned: “Argentina has to open up to the world but we must be smart and not let anybody fall by the wayside.”

The former security minister praised Melconian, relating: "For months we have been studying the programme of the Fundación Mediterránea in silence."

"We are going to use everything Argentina has for a humanistic economy for people. The numbers matter because there must be fiscal solidity but thinking of the most isolated corners of Argentina where there are people or families expecting things to be more predictable," she manifested.

At the same time she said: "Taxes must be cut" while defending a productive state promoting productivity. 



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