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CULTURE | 24-02-2023 11:34

FIBA, Buenos Aires International Festival, is back

This year’s Buenos Aires International Festival is here, with artists from all over the country and the world. From Friday, February 24 to Sunday, March 5, experience the best of theatre, music, dance and visual art in venues across the city.

This year's Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA) is here. From Friday, February 24 to Sunday, March 5, one of the biggest cultural events in the region will exhibit the best of theatre, music, dance and visual arts. For 10 days, in 50 venues, 1500 local and foreign artists will perform in more than 300 events across the city. 

Among the artistic projects from Argentina, visitors will find a diversity of mediums, topics and artists themselves included in the festival. The play, De la mejor manera, written and directed by Jorge Eiro, Federico Liss and David Rubisntein, which explores masculinity and grief, is showing at Rodney, a bar located in Chacarita. In Parque de la Estación, creators Alina Marinelli, Bárbara Hang, Mariana Montepagano, and Margarita Molfino will perform a dance that features 45 large stones, entitled La gravedad del encuentro.

Close by in Área 623, blind and transgender opera singer, Eric Montenegro, will exhibit a musical performance called Yo elijo mi nombre ("I choose my name"), which dives into the question of how someone who has never seen his own face can decide that his appearance does not correspond to the gender he was given at birth.

International artists are well-featured in the festival as well. From Portugal, By Heart, a sensitive piece that reflects on literature and memory, created, acted and directed by the Portuguese, Tiago Rodrigues, invites 10 volunteers on stage to learn a poem by heart. Carbonio, by the emblematic Piccolo Teatro di Milano, which premiered in Milan in 2022, narrates a hypothetical encounter between humanity and other possible forms of life. Barbados en 2022, a rewriting of the well-known play Barbados, etcetera, premiered at the Autumn Festival in Madrid, displays a triple performance exploring love, relationships and communication inspired by the Anglo-Saxon theatre tradition of grouping short plays that share resonances, themes or styles.

For a younger audience, Oh, Uh, Ah, Ei! Terra - Aire- Foc - Aigua, invites children aged up to three on an audiovisual journey to discover where butterflies fly, where flowers are planted and what the sound of rain makes. 

This year’s festival also notably brings together projects that cross artists, languages and latitudes. Among the transnational works include a project created between Bolivia and Switzerland, called Palmasola, un pueblo prisión, that spotlights the prison city in Santa Cruz with 6,000 inmates and confronts questions about law and justice. Nocturno de Ulrike o el sujeto histórico, sponsored by the embassies of Spain and Argentina, includes the voices of the disruptive Argentine group, La Columna Dyrruti and Spanish Activist Marcelo Expósito, who tackle the controversial journalist and member of the German guerrilla group, RAF in this diptych. 

Teatro Bombón Gesell, curated by Monina Bonelli and Sol Salinas, brings together 10 plays created in residence by Ibero-American playwrights that explore violence and justice in Ibero-American territory. 

To find out more about FIBA 2023 and view the full list of performances, visit the FIBA website.


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