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CULTURE | 13-05-2019 17:02

Mirtha Legrand rushed to hospital for emergency surgery

Legendary actress and TV presenter, who has dominated Argentina’s screens for decades, was rushed to hospital on Sunday night to undergo an emergency operation. She is now stable and doing well, aides report.

Mirtha Legrand, the legendary actress and television presenter that has dominated Argentina’s screens for decades, was rushed to hospital on Sunday night to undergo an emergency operation.

This morning, the 92-year-old screen star was reported to be lucid and stable following the emergency surgery she underwent late Sunday night to remove an "intestinal obstruction."

Legrand, the host of the classic television programmes Almorzando Con Mirtha Legrand and La Noche de Mirtha, was hospitalised Sunday night after cancelling her regular Sunday TV show program earlier that day. At the time, it emerged that she was suffering from “acute gastroenteritis,” an intestinal infection. However, later that night, doctors diagnosed Legrand with having an “intestinal obstruction,” prompting surgery.

“Mrs. Mirtha Legrand was admitted yesterday afternoon to the sanatorium for abdominal pain, and after being evaluated and performing complementary tests, surgical treatment was determined necessary to resolve the bowel obstruction,” said a report released Monday by Mater Dei Sanitarium, which is located in the Buenos Aires City neighbourhood of Palermo where Legrand was being cared for. 

“At 11pm, after the surgery, as planned and without complications, she was transferred to the intensive care unit to complete her recovery,” said the report. 

Although Legrand –  a veteran of Argentina's screens for more than 70 years – had managed to carry out her Saturday evening La Noche de Mirtha programme with nothing more than a fever, she was forced to cancel her Sunday Almorzando Con Mirtha Legrand, as a result of pain caused by the obstruction. 

According to Nacho Viale, the grandson of Legrand and a producer of the show, the operation had only lasted an hour, when it was aniticipated to last longer. 

“We inform that the operation to which Mrs. Legrand underwent has been completed with very satisfactory results, she is very well, thank you all very much,” said Viale through his Instagram account at 12.24am. 

Early Monday morning, Viale added that Legrand is resting and that “she will take all the time she needs to recover.” 


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