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Kiddies’ Christmas Fund – bringing seasonal cheer to those in need

Help the ABCC bring a bit of the light of the holiday season to those less fortunate this year.

The Buenos Aires Herald began the Kiddies’ Christmas Fund some years ago to bring a bit of the light of the holiday season for those organisations supporting children who, being either homeless or orphaned, lacked the family or the means to enjoy such a time in the way most of us do.

Following the publication’s demise, the Argentine-British Community Council (ABCC) has carried on with the Herald's effort, preserving its benevolent mission, as well as expanding the type of charities to which it donates.

Since our foundation, the Times has encouraged our readers to support the campaign. As in past year’s the Kiddies’ Christmas Fund will donate funds to five entities in equal amounts. 


This year’s beneficiaries:

  • The Salvation Army – its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination.

  • Fundación VITRA – the Vitra Foundation's mission is to provide educational, labour and social opportunities to people with motor disabilities, stimulating their leadership, respecting their times and developing their skills and abilities, seeking to integrate them as active, economically independent and socially participatory subjects.

  • Hogar El Alba – the Hogar El Alba offers a space of containment and growth for children in situations of social vulnerability. The programs carried out provide personalized, professional and affectionate attention to children and adolescents.

  • Asociación Civil Padrinos de Alumnos y Escuelas Rurales – their work is based on solidarity actions that tend to meet the social and educational needs of children, collaborating with the teachers in their task.

  • Hogar Amparo Maternal Sara Hernández de Cilley – houses homeless women with their children, where they are provided with a transition space for recovery and labour and social reintegration, with the aim of promoting health, personal autonomy, empowerment and economic independence in order to improve the quality of life for both themselves and their daughters and sons.


To donate, visit:

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James Grainger

James Grainger

Editor-in-Chief, Buenos Aires Times.


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