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CULTURE | 26-11-2021 23:08

Book presentation: Salvados, a 45 años de la dictadura militar

Maude Daviero de Cox to unveil new book, 'Salvados, a 45 años de la dictadura militar', at a special presentation at the National Library.

Author Maude Daviero de Cox will unveil her new book at a special presentation at the National Library next Friday (December 3).

The event, hosted by Voria Stefanovcky Editores, celebrates the launch of Salvados, a 45 años de la dictadura militar – a new version of the writer’s thought-provoking work first published in 2001. 

Salvados, as it came to be commonly abbreviated, looks at the era of state terrorism during Argentina’s brutal 1976-1983 military dictatorship and the thousands of disappearances that were carried out under the orders the junta. 

Daviero de Cox, the wife of former Buenos Aires Herald editor Robert Cox, recalls those dark days, skillfully recreating the climate of terror and conspiracy of silence that dominated Argentine society, while providing a personal testimony of the events that forced her family to flee the country.

The unveiling takes place at the Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno in the Sala Julio Cortázar at 6.30pm, December 3.

Special guests at the event will include the author and her husband (who has written a new prologue to the book), Alina Daiconú, Horacio Méndez Carreras, Gabriel Seisdedos, Uki Goñi, Jorge Fontevecchia and Jorge Nedich.

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