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CULTURE | 14-12-2019 11:20

Hospital Británico celebrates 175th anniversary at Teatro Colón

The British Hospital’s 175th anniversary celebrations reached their climax in style at the Teatro Colón on Monday evening.

Vivaldi’s Venetian masterpieces from three centuries ago – the famous Four Seasons in the first part and ecclesiastical music in the second – was splendidly performed in stately surroundings by the Camerata Bariloche with the aid of imported soloists including the flamboyant violinist Priya Mitchell and kilted tenor Ian Honeyman.

The performance and preceding cocktail was attended by various diplomatic, political, cultural and media figures with Santiago del Moro acting as anchorman.

They included Baroness Gloria Hooper (who represented t h e Un i te d K i n gd o m a t Tuesday’s inauguration), Ambassadors Mark Kent (Britain) and Jacqueline O’Halloran Bernstein (Ireland), Italian Hospital President Elio Squilari joining his British Hospital counterpart Felicity Jane Kirkwood, constitutional lawyer Daniel Sabsay, the artist Renata Schussheim, journalists Débora Plager and Roberto Fúnes Ugarte, the singer Hilda Lizarazu (formerly of Man Ray) and former Central Bank governor Martín Redrado, among others.

Kirkwood thanked those present and the event’s sponsors for their help in organising the evening, while Dr. Ángel Yebara, the hospital’s general director hailed the efforts of everyone who works at the hospital – and hoped for another 175 years of history in the years to come.

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