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French Film Festival returns to Argentina for a second year

Starting on October 3, the Tour de Cine Francés festival arrives in the Argentine capital. The event promotes the spread of the Gallic country's culture in Latin America. Watch the programming and the trailers below.

Starting October 3, a new edition of the Tour de Cine Francés arrives in Argentina. The festival consists of a traveling exhibition that presents a selection of the best of contemporary French cinema in the original subtitled version.

The tour was created in Mexico in 1997 by Nueva Era Films, Cinépolis, the French Embassy in Mexico, and the Federation of French Alliances with the aim of promoting French-speaking cinema and incentivizing the public to get closer to the culture and language of the European country.Since its first edition, some 160 titles have passed through the festival in Mexico and 6 central American countries.

The films arrived to Argentina in 2018. Met with success, this year’s program brings together 7 films of different genres that expose the Argentine audience to the latest trends of the French film industry. 

The French Film Tour was designed with a national perspective; touring six cities in Argentina, it aims to reach a mass audience. The films will be screened in the Village cinemas of Buenos Aires in Recoleta and Caballito (from October 3 to 16), Avellaneda, Pilar and Rosario (from October 10 to 16) and Mendoza and Neuquén (from October 17 to 23).


Amanda (Amanda), by Mikhail Hers

France, 2018 | Drama | 107 min

David is 24 years old and enjoys his freedom. He makes a living from odd jobs and avoids making decisions that book his schedule. He lives a normal life until his sister is killed in an attack in Paris. David is then brutally confronted with reality as he is the only person who can take care of Amanda, his seven-year-old niece.

White as snow (Blanche comme neige), by Anne Fontaine

France, 2019 | Dark Comedy | 112 min

Claire, a beautiful young woman, works at her deceased father's hotel who is now run by her evil stepmother, Maud. Filled with jealousy when she realizes that her lover is falling in love with Claire, Maud plans the death of her stepdaughter. Claire however is saved by a mysterious man who takes her to live on her farm. She Claire decides to stay in the village, awakening the curiosity of its inhabitants. Seven of them will fall to their beauty, marking the beginning of Claire’s carnal and sentimental emancipation.

Edmond (Cyrano mon amour), by Alexis Michalik

France, 2019 | Dramatic comedy | 112 min

Paris, December 1897. The young poet Edmond Rostand is not yet thirty, yet he already has two children and a series of problems, with nothing written in the past two-years, Edmond finds himself desperate to produce something new. He offers the well-known actor Constant Coquelin a new play: a heroic comedy written in verse for its Christmas premiere. The only problem is that he hasn't written it yet... Despite the whims of the actresses, the requirements of the producers and the jealousy of his wife, Edmond begins to write this work in which no one believes. At the moment it has only a few verses and the title: "Cyrano de Bergerac".

The Mystery of Mr. Pick (Le mystére Henri Pick), by Rémi Bezanéon

France, 2019 | Thriller | 100 min

In a library in Brittany, a young publisher discovers an extraordinary manuscript that she decides to publish. The novel was written by the enigmatic Henri Pick, a pizza maker in the area who died two years before the discovery of the mysterious manuscript. Henri's widow tells her that he didn't read a single book in his lifetime and that all he wrote was the daily shopping list. Regardless, the novel becomes a resounding success. Suspicious of Henri Pick, a famous literary critic who decides to investigate. 

In Safe Hands (Pupille), by Jeanne Herry

France, 2018 | Drama | 110 min

Théo has just been born. After giving birth, his biological mother puts Théo up for adoption with a program that allows her to change her mind within two months. Social and adoption services are put on the case: some must take care of the baby in this phase of uncertainty while the others must find his adoptive mother. Her name is Alice and she's been fighting to be a mother for almost ten years. This is the moving story between Théo, three months old, and Alice, 41.

Sweetheart (Mon Bébé), by Lisa Azuelos

France, 2019 | Dramatic comedy | 85 min

Héloïse is a divorced mother with three children. Jade, her youngest daughter, has just turned 18 and is about to leave home to continue her studies in Canada. As the farewell date approaches, alongside the of being alone, Hélose tries at all costs to generate memories by recording the last moments of her daughter at home. A story about love and complicity between a mother and "her little girl."

A Love at Second Sight (Mon inconnue), by Hugo Gélin

France, 2019 | Romantic Comedy | 117 min

Raphaël is a successful writer happily married to Olivia, a pianist who put her career in the background to be with her husband. After a fierce fight between the couple, Raphaël wakes up in a parallel universe in which he is not married to Olivia and is a simple high school teacher. Realizing that his wife was everything to him, he will try to win back the love of his life that became a perfect stranger.

Tickets for the screenings can be purchased on the Village cinemas website and will be on sale starting 15 days before the premiere of the tour in each city. Schedules for the films are also available on the same webpage. 


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