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CULTURE | 25-09-2019 07:30

Filba11, international festival of literature, returns to Buenos Aires

Eleventh incarnation of festival kicks off Wednesday, bringing a four-day extravaganza of lectures, seminars and live readings from highly acclaimed Argentine and international authors, to Buenos Aires.

Authors from Argentina and around the globe will flood Buenos Aires this week for a spectacular celebration of the arts, literature and music, sponsored by the Festival of International Literature in Buenos Aires (Filba) Foundation.

From September 25 to September 29, highly acclaimed artists will be dialoguing and responding to some of the most preeminent questions of the literary moment, with many tackling the festival’s main theme this year: “Boundaries.” Artists and writers will seek to break literary limits, forging new spaces for creation, in artistic spaces throughout the city. 

Guests will also have the chance to hear live readings and lectures delivered by collaborating authors. Among other offerings, there will be a host of live performances, from poetry readings to musical performances that will transcend genre limits, combining prose, poetry and music. The Eterna Cadencia bookstore will travel with the festival, so attendees can purchase books, potentially even signed copies, at all events. 

In an interesting twist, from Thursday to Sunday, the festival will take over the night, with evening sessions where attendees are encouraged to share a drink and enjoy a lecture by outstanding authors or a recital of work. All events are entirely free, though the foundation encourages donations via their website to support their continued efforts in spreading literature throughout the world. 

The writers in attendance, listed by country, will include:

Rike Scheffler (Germany); Eva Baltasar (Spain); Alejandra Costamagna (Chile); Margarita García Robayo (Colombia); Madame Nielsen (Denmark); Jonathan Lethem, Valerie Miles, Lorrie Moore and Anna Moschovakis (United States); Julia Deck and Jean- Noël Pancrazi (France); Helena Janeczek (Italy); Daniel Saldaña Paris, Xel – Ha López Méndez and Julieta Venegas (Mexico); Juan Manuel Robles (Peru); M. John Harrison and Philippe Sands (United Kingdom); Maurane Mazars (Switzerland); Damián González Bertolino (Uruguay); Titihoon (Venezuela).

Argentine authors engaged in the event include: Salvador Cristófaro, I Acevedo, Gabriela Bejerman, Ingrid Bejerman, Gabriela Borrelli, Maruja Bustamante, Martín Caamaño, Gabriela Cabezón Camera, Fabián Casas, Hernán Casciari, Celeste Cid, Marcelo Cohen, Vanina Colagiovanni, Lucila Cordone, Maria Sonia Cristoff, Leo D’Aiuto, Flavia Da Rin, Javier Daulte, Mariana Docampo, Alejandro Dujovne, Cynthia Edul, Camila Fabbri, Federico Falco, Kike Ferrari, Cecilia Ferreiroa, Gustavo Ferreyra, Oliva Gallo, Francisco Garamona, Emilio García Wehbi, Inés Garland, Vera Giaconi, Daniel Gigena, Silvia Gómez Giusto, Leila Guerriero, Luis Gusmán, Gonzalo Heredia, Damián Huergo, Alejandra Kamiya, Daniela Kantor, Alexandra Kohan, Marcia Kryger, Ruy Krygier, Nora Lezano, Walter Lezcano, Santiago Llach, Belén López Peiró, Maria Luque, Carla Maliandi, Pedro Mancini, Mariano Manzanel, Sebastián Martínez Daniell, Gabriela Massuh, Manuel Moretti, Lao Moy, China Eight, Ana Ojeda, Carolina Orloff, Pablo Perantuono, Emilia Peredo, Mariana Pereyra, Martín Pérez, Claudia Piñeiro, Pablo Plotkin, Hinde Pomeraniec, William Prociuk, Lion Prociuk Mammoliti, Juan Manuel Puerto, Malena Rey, Carlos Rios, Rachel Robles, Juliet Roffo, Ricardo Romero, Angeles Salvador, Ignacio Sánchez Mestre, Manuel Schaller, Eric Schierloh, Axel Stahler, Darío Sztajnszrajber, Alejandro Rafael Tantanian, Juan Tauil, Vivi Tellas, Franco Torchia, Florence Ure, Krysthopher Woods, Eugencia Zicavo and Alejandra Zina.

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