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CULTURE | 04-06-2020 00:37

Charly García discharged from hospital after five days of observation

Legendary Argentine rocker released from hospital after "high fever and respiratory symptoms." Famed songwriter has not got Covid-19, hospital officials confirm, despite suffering from high fever.

Legendary Argentine rocker Charly García, was released from hospital on Wednesday, five days after being submitted with "high fever" and "respiratory symptoms," his agent has confirmed.

"We want to inform you that today, Wednesday June 3, Charly García was discharged. He is already at home and with very good progress," said a brief statement from this management.

The rock nacional star, 68, was admitted to the Instituto Argentino de Diagnóstico y Tratamiento (IADT) private clinic in Buenos Aires last Saturday, upon which he was immediately tested for the novel coronavirus.

Doctors later confirmed that García, one of Argentina's most beloved musicians, was not infected with Covid-19 and he was subsequently put on a course of antibiotics.

"All relevant studies were performed. The test indicated for Covid-19 was NEGATIVE," read a statement issued at the time, which said he was "in good spirits."


The prolific musician – the writer of classics such as "Demoliendo hoteles," "Los dinosaurios" and "Rezo por vos" – has had a rough time of it of late.

Four months ago, he was hospitalised again for a few days after a fall at his home caused damage to his hip. His mother, Carmen Moreno, was evacuated from a nursing home in early May after other residents tested positive for Covid-19. She was not among those affected.




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