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Amazon's new series on life of Maradona set to premiere in Argentina

A new television series chronicling the life of football idol Diego Maradona premieres in Argentina on Thursday.

A new television series chronicling the life of football idol Diego Maradona premieres in Argentina on Thursday, on the eve of its broadcast around the world and the birthday of the legendary former footballer, who died in 2020.

Argentina will be the first country to view 'Sueno bendito,' which launches Friday in 250 countries worldwide, with weekly episodes following for a further nine weeks.

The series, produced by BTF Media in conjunction with Dhana Media and Latin We, aims to reflect "the triumphs and challenges of the legendary football player, from his humble beginnings in the city of Villa Fiorito, to his revolutionary career for Barcelona and Napoli," according to its makers.

It will also showcase Maradona's key role as leader of the Argentina's 1986 World Cup winning team in Mexico.

Argentine actors Nazareno Casero, Juan Palomino and Nicolás Goldschmidt were tasked with putting themselves into Maradona's shoes at different stages of his life and career.

The series was filmed on location in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Uruguay and Mexico and consists of 10 one-hour episodes.

Argentina, as the home country of 'El Diez', will be the first country to see the broadcast of the first installment, called "Promesa." That will be followed by "Dictado", "Máquina", "Sudaca", "Roto", "Vesubio", "Libre", "Cristiana", "Capitán" y the last episode, "Dios."

Earlier this week, the Argentine government declared Maradona's birthplace in Villa Fiorito, on the southern outskirts of Buenos Aires, a national heritage site, as part of the tributes and reminders of what would have been his 61st birthday.

National icon Maradona died of a heart attack on November 25 aged just 60 while recovering from an operation at a clinic in Olivos to remove a blood clot from his head. 

He also suffered from kidney and liver problems, heart failure, neurological deterioration and alcohol and drug addictions.

The late football great had been recovering in a private residence under the supervision of a seven-person medical team, among them neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque.

The team members have already testified in the investigation to determine whether there was any neglect or malpractice in Maradona's care.

Prosecutors are exploring the possibility that the ex-Boca Juniors star received "insufficient" care from the medical team. 



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