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'en dormir sin Madrid' – Bizarrap and Milo J team up for unexpected EP

After a long run of his biggest Music Sessions to date, Bizarrap pauses his international takeover to team up with 16-year-old Morón native Milo J for the release of Session #57, part of an unexpected EP release.

Global superstar and streaming powerhouse Bizarrap has announced his long awaited and much requested 'Music Session #57,' recruiting hot newcomer Milo J.

A fairly fresh face in the booming Argentine pop music scene, Milo J has quickly garnered the attention of national audiences and beyond. This year has been a big one for the 16-year-old, who has collaborated with some of the most significant, contemporary names in Argentina, including Nicki Nicole and Duki. 'Rara Vez,' his hit single with Argentine producer Taiu, solidified his position in the game as an artist to watch out for, amassing over 320 million streams since the song’s February 2023 release.

BRZP is no stranger to virality and becoming the next big thing, so it was only a matter of time before he added Milo J to his 'Music Sessions' roster. After a long run of his biggest 'Music Sessions' to date, Bizarrap pauses his international takeover to team up with the Morón native for the release of Session #57 this Wednesday – but the drop didn’t end there. 

'Session #57' is a part of an unexpected collab EP between Biza and Milo titled, 'en dormir sin Madrid.' The two joined forces for a five-track release under Biza's Dale Play Records, complete with accompanying visuals shot and edited by Music Sessions frequenter Pedro Colmeiro. 

In traditional 'Music Sessions' fashion, Session #57 opens up the EP with striking bars, a catchy hook, and a great deal of confidence. The second track, 'Toy en el Mic,' is a summer song if you’ve ever heard one, incorporating rhythmic palmas flamencas. Milo gets personal on 'No soy Eterno,' sharing an evident state of denial amidst an apparent infidelity, followed by a quick turnaround with perhaps the most colourful feature on the tape, 'Fruto,' highlighted by a playful piano and punchy 808s. 'Penas de Antaño' pivots into a far more sorrowful delivery and closes off the project with introspective lyrics atop a melodic UK drill-esque production.

The magic of 'en dormir sin Madrid' lies in its ability to give you everything you never knew you needed. Milo J effectively makes use of what he surely knows is his biggest opportunity to date and showcases his versatility with Biza as his no-brainer backup. The producer has taken his fame back to his backyard and effectively launches the young star into the ride of a lifetime.

If there was any doubt about it before, the duo proves to audiences that Argentine musical talent is a force to be reckoned with.

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