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ARGENTINA | 17-05-2018 07:36

US Ambassador Prado summits credentials to Macri during 'excellent' meeting

US Ambassador Edward Prado described his first encounter with President Mauricio Macri as “excellent”.

US Ambassador to Argentina Edward Prado submitted his credentials to President Mauricio Macri yesterday during a meeting held at the Olivos presidential palace.

Prado described his first encounter with the Argentine head of state as “excellent”.

Later in the day, the newly arrived diplomat laid a reef at the Monument to General San Martín in San Martín square.

“It is an honour for me to have been chosen to carry out the tasks of Ambassador in such a great country as Argentina”, Prado said.

“I am very excited about the possibility of making a contribution to the strengthening of bilateral relations”.


Prado, 70, forged a distinguished 46-year career in various positions within the US judicial system but has no prior diplomatic experience. He is considered a moderate Republican.

Prado grew up speaking Spanish at home in a predominantly Latino neighbourhood in west San Antonio, Texas. He is accompanied in Buenos Aires by his wife María.

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