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ARGENTINA | 12-06-2019 10:12

Urtubey to contest presidency as his former allies abandon Alternativa Federal

The departure of Miguel Angel Pichetto and Sergio Massa from the Alternativa Federal ('Federal Alternative') front leaves Salta Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey contesting the presidency solo.

The Governor of Salta province, Juan Manuel Urtubey, is the last man standing for the Alternativa Federal ("Federal Alternative") front, the movement which until less than a month ago had been promising a high-profile primaries race among dissident Peronist leaders including Urtubey, Sergio Massa and Miguel Angel Pichetto.

Urtubey will run for the presidency solo after his former allies Massa and Pichetto this week abandoned the group in favour of larger party political structures.

Massa will support the so-called 'Fernández-Fernández' ticket: Alberto Fernández for president and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Massa's former nemesis, for vice-president.

It remains to be seen which political post or seat Massa will seek as part of that alliance, though some observers say he could lead the ticket of national lawmakers and, if the alliance wins, could occupy the role of leader of the Lower House.

For his part, Pichetto will run as President Mauricio Macri's running-mate as vice-presidential candidate.

The situation highlights the essence of the Peronist movement, a broad church of ideologies where leaders and sub-groups can easily shift alliances according to the circumstances of the day.

Sources closes to Urtubey told Perfil that the governor is now "the only representative" of the so-called 'third way' option to face-off against Macri and the Fernández-Fernández ticket.

"We are happy. The choice of Miguel Ángel Pichetto is bad for Macri and we are now the sole real alternative to the government and Cristina", sources said.

Another candidate, Roberto Lavagna, will also contest the presidency but has refused to participate in a primaries race against the likes of Urtubey, opting instead to run under the 'Consenso19' banner.

The governor's inner circle insists he retains the support of a key Alternativa Federal founding member, the recently re-elected Governor of Córdoba province, Juan Schiaretti.


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