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ARGENTINA | 01-02-2024 17:00

Unión por la Patria blasts Villarruel for not calling a session on Milei's emergency decree

Opposition slams vice-president and Senate chief for not holding sessions to reject the mega emergency decree.

The Senate caucus of Unión por la Patria has announced that it will request a special session every week until authorised, in order to discuss the emergency mega-decree signed last December by President Javier Milei.

In a press conference, the chief whip, José Mayans, pointed to Vice-President Victoria Villarruel and stated that “there must be a guarantee of impartiality in this chamber.”

“If five Senators submit a note, which is what the regulations establish, the session must be called and the house must be open,” Mayans complained when contacting the press from his office, together with almost his entire caucus of Senators.

The man from Formosa warned that “in dictatorships, the first thing they do is to close Parliament.”

Senator Anabel Fernández Sagasti also questioned Villarruel, accusing her of malfeasance for not calling sessions.

The rules dictate that, regardless of the opposition’s request for a special session, the head of the Senate must call it officially, after which the caucus requesting it has the duty to achieve quorum.

“We’re going to insist every week to deal with this Emergency Decree”, the Mendoza senator said.

Unión por la Patria’s aim is to hold a session to throw out the emergency mega-decree signed by Milei.


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