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ARGENTINA | 04-06-2019 13:28

Survey: Only 1 in 10 believe Alberto Fernández would call shots if elected president

New polling data identifies inflation and unemployment are areas of most concern to voters in the lead up to October's general and presidential elections.

Just one in 10 voters believe opposition presidential hopeful Alberto Fernández would call the shots in the Casa Rosada, if he were to win the October elections with his running-mate, vice-presidential candidate Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Sixty-two percent of voters said former president Fernández de Kirchner would be the ultimate decision-maker if the duo were elected into office, the Centre for Public Opinion (COPUB) at the University of Belgrano reported.

Fernández de Kirchner's "decision to seek the candidacy for vice-president on the ticket [with Alberto Fernández as candidate for president] surprised most people," COPUB director Orlando D'Adamo said. "Just five percent of those polled said they expected such decision, against 69 percent who said they did not."

"The main reasons in public opinion about why the former president [Fernández de Kirchner] made this decision are related to [her perceived] fear of losing the October elections and her desire to reduce social polarisation," said D'Adamo.

Voters are "also speculating that she could occupy the presidency if Alberto Fernández decides to quite before taking office," D'Adamo added.

Just 18 percent of voters believe Fernández de Kirchner could end up behind bars upon completion of the multiple corruption trials she faces, COPUB also found.

Inflation and unemployment are the areas of most concern to voters, with 26 percent and 22 percent of voters respectively expressing concern about aspect of the economy, COPUB reported.

Just five percent chose corruption as the central issue in this year's election, it found.

In a sign of political fatigue, with the make-up of tickets being debated endlessly in local media outlets, Sixty-two percent of voters expressed "disinterest" in the ongoing negotiations over candidacies, COPUB said.


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