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ARGENTINA | 28-05-2024 13:08

Sturzenegger set to join government, confirms new Cabinet chief

President Javier Milei will appoint former Central Bank governor Federico Sturzenegger to his Cabinet in the coming days, confirms new Cabinet Chief Guillermo Francos.

President Javier Milei will appoint the former governor of the Central Bank, Federico Sturzenegger, to his Cabinet in the coming days.

The news was confirmed by new Cabinet Chief Guillermo Francos at a press conference on Tuesday. 

“It is a decision of the President [Javier Milei] that Federico will join the Cabinet in a Ministry,’ said Francos, the former interior minister enjoying his first day in his post.

Sturzenegger, 58, is the architect of Milei’s ‘Ley de Bases’ reform bill that is currently working its way through Congress. He also authored much of the emergency DNU issued by President Milei after taking office last December.

Francos who said the incoming official would be tasked by the President with overseeing “modernisation of the state and economic deregulation.”

The Cabinet chief refused to say which portfolio Sturzenegger would join or lead, saying that information would be shared in the coming days.

Francos, who gave a radio interview prior to his press conference, had hinted that Struzenegger would formally join the government. Up until now he has served only as an advisor to the President.

Milei “wants to bring into the Cabinet a person who is capable of analysing Argentine regulation and discussing with all the members of the Cabinet his vision of what the process of simplification and deregulation of our complex public regulations should be,” the politician told Radio Rivadavia. 

"The President is open to incorporating leaders who are capable, honest and who have the same conception and embrace the ideas of freedom. In all political sectors there are people with great capacity," he added.

'Valuable' Posse

Francos also addressed his predecessor in his new post, describing Nicolás Posse as "valuable person who can fulfil functions in another role."

"Today it is my turn to continue the task. There was a public misunderstanding between Javier Milei and the previous Cabinet chief that ended up this way," he said, when asked about the official's departure.

However, he stressed that "Posse continues to support the President and belongs to this [political] space."

He had said earlier in the day that the relationship between Posse and President Milei had become "unsustainable."

Francos took several members of his Cabinet out to a café in the Monserrat area of Buenos Aires on Tuesday.

The officials took selfies as they drank coffee and talked politics. Justice Minister Mario Cúneo Libarona picked up the bill.

La Libertad Avanza City lawmaker Ramiro Marra said Monday he is “excited” by Francos’ appointment, considering that Posse’s departure was an “announced departure.”

“I am excited that Guillermo Francos will take on such an important role as Cabinet chief: he is a man Javier Milei trusts and has done a great job at the head of the Interior Ministry. He is a man of consensus,” said Marra.

“Guillermo Francos is an excellent politician, who has experience and will be able to bring the necessary consensus’ to push forward Milei’s legislation through Congress, he added. 



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