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ARGENTINA | 10-07-2023 17:10

Sergio Massa isn't sure if he'll remain economy minister as he runs for president

Economy Minister Sergio Massa says he isn’t sure if he’ll remain in his role as he runs for president in this year’s election.

Argentina's Economy Minister Sergio Massa isn’t sure if he’ll remain in his role as he runs for president in this year’s election.

Massa, the ruling coalition’s top candidate in the October contest, said in a Monday radio interview that he will discuss any possible changes with President Alberto Fernández and Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. 

“We will decide that with the president, with the vice-president, depending on how the context plays out,” Massa said, without providing timing for the decision. “It’s clear to me that my main responsibility is to be economy minister, and I have a task after 6pm, which is to be a presidential candidate.”

As economic chief, Massa is leading Argentina’s efforts to renegotiate its US$44-billion deal with the International Monetary Fund. Talks have dragged on for months as both sides continue to negotiate over key issues like the IMF’s disbursements to Argentina and currency policy. Argentina owes the IMF US$2.6 billion by the end of the month.

In a meeting this morning, Massa’s team drew up plans for an upcoming trip to Washington to discuss the IMF programme, he said during the radio interview. Nearly two weeks ago, he said an agreement would be public “in the coming hours.”

Massa is the third economy minister of Fernández’s administration and took over last August. He has so far struggled to combat spiralling price increases, with annual inflation accelerating to 114 percent in May. Argentina is also expected to enter recession later this year due to a record drought that is hurting key agricultural exports.


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by Manuela Tobias & Patrick Gillespie, Bloomberg


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