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ARGENTINA | 12-07-2018 11:12

Santa Fe town raises Malvinas flag by mistake

The incident took place in Ceres, Santa Fe province.

Authorities of a town in Santa Fe province raised the Malvinas/Falkland Island flag by mistake during a July 9 Independence Day event, local media reported.

The event in the locality of Ceres, Santa Fe, included schools, performances and parades, with the interim mayor Juan Manuel Mansilla giving final remarks.

It was during the closure of the event that the Malvinas flag was raised. 

“A protocol and ceremonial error that hurt us all”, was how the municipality described the incident.

“In the first place, we want to say SORRY”, a statement read. “There is always the risk of making mistakes in life”.

“We ask for forgiveness to our heroic brothers [who fought in] Malvinas, we recognise them, we love and respect them”, the statement added.


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