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ARGENTINA | 07-11-2023 16:16

Protest in Buenos Aires calls on Hamas to release hostages, one month from October 7 attack

Organisations tie plush toys and teddies to Buenos Aires' famed Obelisk monument to draw attention the 40 babies, children and teenagers that have been hostage by Hamas since October 7. Among them, four Argentines aged between nine months and nineteen years.

One month on from Hamas’ bloody October 7 attack on Israel, Buenos Aires' famous Obelisk monument became the epicentre of a peaceful protest to demand the release of children and teenagers being held hostage by the terror group.

The initiative, conceived by various national and international organisations, saw banners, plush toys and teddies tied to the foot of the iconic structure. For four hours, demonstrators drew attention to the kidnapped minors and called on Hamas to release them.

On one banner, the names of the missing minors who were snatched from Israeli territory were written. Comprising mainly Israelis, the list also includes citizens from all over the world, including Argentina.

Among the missing children are four Argentines named 19 and under. The youngest are Kfir Bibas, just nine months old, and his brother Ariel, four years old. The others are Leimberg Mia, 17 years old, and Ron Sherman, aged 19. In total, 21 Argentines are being held by Hamas as hostages.

The demonstration “is an action born out of anguish and pain," said the organisation KIDSnapped From Israel, which organised the event.

It is impossible to think about what these boys and girls must be going through at the hands of these barbarians every minute," the group said in a statement.

A lorry will also tour the City showing images of the hostages with stops at such specific points as Paseo Colón, Plaza de Mayo, Congreso, Law School, Malba, Plaza de la Shoa and River Plate's Monumental stadium.

Another initiative organised for Tuesday will take place at night when the Obelisk will be coloured red to highlight to claim the release. 

“Red calls attention and proposes a stop to terrorism. We want to reach the world with this call from Buenos Aires,” they informed from the group promoting the slogan with the Buenos Aires City Hall. 

Buenos Aires City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta joined calls for the release of the kidnapped infants. 

“What’s going on is bloodcurdling,” the official stated. “From the City we claim the immediate release of all those kidnapped, especially the over 40 teenagers, children and babies held by this terrorist organisation."

Alongside Rodríguez Larreta were the City’s Human Rights and Cultural Plurality Undersecretary Pamela Malewicz and International Relations Secretary Fernando Straface.

The exhibition supporting the cause was named KIDSnapped. Javier Basevich, one of its authors, explained: “It’s conceived from pain and anguish. Every minute counts."

“Each one of us is mobilised from one’s place, and this actions are possible thanks to a number of people giving their support and cooperation. This attack was against Israel and humanity,” he added.

According to the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, composed by victims’ relatives, Hamas is holding over 240 people hostage, out of which over 40 are minors.



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