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ARGENTINA | 28-01-2022 17:57

President Fernández receives credentials from 20 ambassadors

Twenty envoys present their diplomatic credentials to President Alberto Fernández during a ceremony at the Casa Rosada’s Salón Blanco.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many ambassadors have had to present their credentials to other government officials or virtually, given the restrictions in place to stop the spread of the violence.

Including US Ambassador to Argentina Marc R. Stanley, a total of 20 envoys, including British Ambassador Kirsty Hayes, presented their diplomatic credentials directly to President Alberto Fernández during a ceremony at the Casa Rosada’s Salón Blanco this week.

The Peronist leader welcomed the envoys to Argentina and expressed his hopes for a good working relationship moving forward.

The others received were Ambassadors Lilia Eugenia Rossbach Suárez (Mexico), Amador Sánchez Rico (European Union), Reid Douglas Sirrs (Canada), Carlos Fernando Enciso Christiansen (Uruguay), Jorge Ramiro Tapia Sainz (Bolivia), Hussein Al-Hassiri (Saudi Arabia), Karl Dhaene (Belgium), Fabrizio Lucentini (Italy), Andreas Melan (Austria), Xavier Monge Yoder (Ecuador), Sami Salameh (Syria), Dan Petre (Romania), Edit Bucsi-Szabo (Hungary), Philip K. Ikurusi (Nigeria), Mohamed Kaze (Egypt), Faisal Ali Abohmaira (Libya), Gustavo Enrique Hernando Castillo (Dominican Republic) and Zanele Makina (South Africa).

"Argentina is a country that promotes multilateralism and brotherhood among all peoples and that promotes peace in the world," Fernández said during the ceremony. “This is a land where all men and women of goodwill are well received".



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