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ARGENTINA | 27-01-2022 21:54

Vaccinated Argentines, residents no longer need negative PCRs to enter country

Resolution, which will come into effect this Saturday, will cover travellers coming from neighbouring countries who wish to re-enter Argentina.

Argentines and residents completely vaccinated against Covid-19 will no longer have to present a negative PCR upon re-entering the country.

The administrative resolution by the government, which comes into force today, covers travellers coming from neighbouring countries and those wishing to re-enter the national territory. The norm also includes measures for positive cases and asymptomatic close contacts, as well as cruise passengers.

While eliminating the need to present a negative PCR, the norm establishes that Argentine citizens and residents fully vaccinated at least a fortnight previously since the last dose will have to certify their vaccination status.

Furthermore, according to the resolution, they will have to complete a sworn statement for the National Immigration Department during the 48 hours prior to starting their journey to Argentina. The quarantine period upon arrival home is eliminated for this group.

“The high transmission rate is causing the current number of cases to top the previous peaks since the start of the pandemic without any correlation until now with the numbers hospitalised in intensive therapy wards or the death toll,” reads the document awaiting publication in the Official Gazette.

The same requisites as before will be maintained for all those individuals aged over six who are incompletely vaccinated or not at all – i.e. the presentation of a negative PCR (up to 72 hours prior to departure) or a negative lateral flow test (48 hours beforehand) in the country of origin.

The sworn statement will also have to be completed at least 48 hours before starting the journey with a quarantine of seven days “counting from the day after taking the PCR or lateral flow test.”

The entry of completely vaccinated Argentines and residents in private vehicles will be permitted (after completing seven days of isolation if testing positive) while the entry of passenger transport vehicles will be authorised on the basis of 10 days of isolation for positive cases.

“Vaccinated Argentines and residents who are asymptomatic close contacts will be able to enter in private land vehicles while the asymptomatic close contacts thus entering who are not vaccinated will have to complete their isolation in the country,” it was indicated.



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