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ARGENTINA | 30-04-2019 02:00

Peronists secure local government wins in Córdoba, Mendoza and Río Negro

Residents in 20 cities across Córdoba, Mendoza and Río Negro voted for local government leaders on Sunday.

With October's general and presidential elections fast approaching, local and provincial elections are providing insight into the voting patterns of national electorates.

Peronist candidates in three provinces scored major wins on Sunday during local government elections.

The political movement with the greatest chance of defeating President Mauricio Macri's Cambiemos (Let's Change) coalition in October scored wins in five districts in Córdoba province, four in Mendoza (at a primaries level) and one in Río Negro where Raúl Hermosilla secured his third mandate as mayor of Camallo supported by outgoing governor Alberto Weretilneck.


In Córdoba province, the Peronists secured five of 10 districts up for grabs: Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, where Mayor Claudio Chavero was re-elected with 50 percent of the vote; Bengolea, Santa Efuemia, Lucío V. Mansilla and Villa de las Rosas.

The strength of the result was celebrated by Peronist Governor Juan Schiaretti who faces reelection on May 12.

"A very good election", Schiaretti wrote on Twitter early Monday morning.

In the locality of Oliva, the UCR Radical Party's candidate Octavio Ibarra scored a win. He will replace his ally, outgoing Oscar Tamis of President Mauricio Macri's PRO Party. The Cambiemos hopeful for governor, Ramón Mestre, who is also a Radical, was on hand to celebrate with Ibarra.

"With the energy of our local candidates, we've grown stronger", Mestre said via Twitter.

In Consquín, famous for its folk music festival, sitting Mayor Gabriel Musso won the vote for the Socialist party. Mayors in Comechingones, Colazo and Villa del Prado were also re-elected.


In Mendoza province, where candidates participated in a primaries race only, the Peronists scored wins in four districts against candidates tied to Governor Alfredo Cornejo, a UCR Radical Party leader.

In San Rafael district, Peronist candidate Emir Félix won, while in Lavalle the top performing candidate was Roberto Righi. In Tunuyán, mayor Martín Aveiro received the highest number of votes, while in San Martín Mayor Jorge Giménez also looks likely to secure re'election after he took home the strongest slice of votes.


Voters in the district of Camallo in Río Negro province also took to the polls on Sunday where Raúl Hermosilla secured a third mandate to govern as mayor. Outgoing Governor Alberto Wetetilneck was on hand to celebrate the win.

"Congratulations dear Raúl Hermossila for the enormous support from the people of Camallo in the municipal elections. We continue to grow together", the governor wrote on Twitter.


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