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ARGENTINA | 28-04-2019 16:56

Máximo Kirchner takes aim at Peronist opponents for support for austerity

Lawmaker on Saturday commemorated his father Néstor's rise to power 16 years ago at a highly charged political event in city of José C. Paz.

Lawmaker Máximo Kirchner on Saturday commemorated his father Néstor's rise to power 16 years ago at a highly charged political event in the city of José C. Paz.

Kirchner, a lawmaker representing the Citizens United front led by his mother Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, took the opportunity to attack fellow Peronists whom he perceived as allies of President Mauricio Macri.

"These hands might have held the joystick of PlayStation but they were never raised in Congress in favour of vulture funds, austerity against people and pensioners", he charged, taking aim in an ironic jab at his opponents about his time as the "first son" during the governments of his parents, former president Néstor and Cristina Kirchner.

"They'll never find us playing those game. We're not here to play those games. And we're a problem for them", he charged, in reference to the Macri administration, which is lagging in the polls before October's general and presidential elections.

The event was hosted by José C. Paz mayor Mario Ishi, who also addressed the crowd. The event in a staunchly Peronist district of Buenos Aires province was held to commemorate Néstor Kirchner's electoral triumphs 16 years ago.

"Every day we see on television how we must be concerned about what the financial markets think (of Argentina), when really we should be worried about what Argentines think and about what they're missing out on", Kirchner said.

"The president (Macri) said the other day that the financial markets are people, far away, seated in front of a computer. How good of him to realise that", Kirchner added, ironically. "The president should be dignified enough to stop doing damage in his last six months in office and should protect his people."

The lawmaker also apologised to his followers for "everything we could not finish in 12 years", in reference to the three Kirchner governments, "for not finishing hospitals on time, which the governor (María Eugenia Vidal) now refuses to open".

He said the Kirchnerite movement should have been "better" and should have "guaranteed victory in 2015" when its candidate, Daniel Scioli, lost against then-candidate for the presidency, Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri.


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