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ARGENTINA | 14-12-2021 16:30

Omicron in Córdoba: 4 confirmed cases and 79 people isolated

Traveller from Dubai and three close contacts confirmed as infected with Omicron variant, with 75 others entering preventative isolation; Woman from Santa Fe who recently visited United States also being checked for new strain.

Argentina’s Health Ministry has confirmed four cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 in the province of Córdoba, with the possibility of another infection of the contagious strain in Santa Fe.

Confirming previous reports, officials said that a man who had recently arrived in the country from Dubai, as well as three other cases had been identified as infected with the variant originating from Africa. 

All four individuals are residents of the town of Colonia Caroya. The traveller initially thought to have carried the virus into the country presented a negative antigen test at Ezeiza International Airport after arrival. On December 4, when he arrived in Córdoba, he began to show symptoms of coronavirus.

According to local health officials, a total of 79 people in the province have now entered preventative isolation, including at least seven individuals who have been identified as close contacts of the traveller. Five of those are immediate family members and all are fully vaccinated. 

Late Monday, reports emerged of a suspected case involving a female traveller who had recently visited the United States. The woman, who has tested positive for Covid-19 and matches partial sequencing for the Omicron variant, is currently in Santa Fe Province.



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