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ARGENTINA | 25-01-2024 22:34

President Milei sacks Infrastructure Minister Guillermo Ferraro

Infrastructure Minister Guillermo Ferraro asked to resign post amid reports he leaked information from Cabinet meetings, local media reports.

President Javier Milei has sacked his infrastructure minister, Guillermo Ferraro, losing his first Cabinet member just a month and a half after taking office, according to local media  

According to multiple outlets, Milei’s Cabinet Chief Nicolás Posse accused Ferraro of leaking sensitive information from government meetings and asked him to resign his post.

News of Ferraro's departure was confirmed late Thursday night after rumours of possible Cabinet changes began circulating. 

Among the president’s entourage, officials blame the ex-minister for leaking details to the press of a meeting in which Milei warned provincial governors that their regions could face further spending cuts if the head of state’s sweeping ‘Ley Omnibus’ mega-reform package is not approved by Congress.  

Ferraro, whose resignation has yet to be officially announced, has been in charge of the Infrastructure ‘mega-Ministry’ for just 45 days. His portfolio covered key areas such as Transport, Public Works, Mining, Energy and Communications.

At the moment the government has not confirmed a name to replace the outgoing official. 

Local media reports, citing government sources, say Milei is considering downgrading the Infrastructure portfolio to a Secretariat. He could then fold it into Economy Minister Luis Caputo’s portfolio. 

Caputo, a former official in Mauricio Macri’s 2015-2019 government, has Milei’s trust and is accumulating greater power. 



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