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ARGENTINA | 26-12-2021 12:41

Máximo Kirchner becomes chairman of Buenos Aires Province branch of PJ

La Cámpora leader Máximo Kirchner formally assumes chairmanship of the Buenos Aires Province branch of the Justicialist (Peronist) Party.

Lower house Frente de Todos caucus chief and La Cámpora leader Máximo Kirchner formally assumed the chairmanship of the Buenos Aires Province branch of the Justicialist (Peronist) Party one week before Christmas.

Kirchner was presented as the new BA PJ chairman with a message of "unity" within the ruling coalition and on the premise of "taking the country forward" during a ceremony at the Quinta de San Vicente attended by President Alberto Fernández.

"We can move forward, we already did it once and we must give ourselves the opportunity to believe in ourselves. We’re going to take the country forward, whatever the cost," declaimed Kirchner in one of the highlights of his speech, pronounced at the site housing the remains of late three-term president Juan Domingo Perón.

"These have been very harsh years for our Argentina and not just because of the four years of the Mauricio Macri presidency and the failure of his economic ideas for our country. We had to add something which was on nobody’s menu in the 2019 campaign - this pandemic which seemingly does not want to go away and has brought so much grief to all Argentines, over and above the obvious economic consequences triggered by the restrictions which had to be taken to look after our people," he manifested.

Last week the PJ Provincial Council realised a strong appeal for unity during a congress attended by national and provincial ministers, mayors and legislators.

Máximo Kirchner thus takes over the helm for the 2021-2025 period in the party branch of the country’s most important electoral district after having been elected last May at the head of a unity list congregating all Frente de Todos sectors, national and provincial ministers, trade union bosses from different confederations and La Cámpora leaders.

After assuming a post which provoked a stiff tug-of-war with some mayors who sought to take control of the party at provincial level, the national deputy pointed out: "I never went to any courtroom to denounce any comrade in the Frente de Todos, I always had a democratic posture."

"We must learn to settle my differences and other differences within Argentina politically and not by taking them to court because that’s Peronism," he manifested.

The La Cámpora leader was thus referring to the court battle waged by Esteban Echeverría Mayor Fernando Gray, who last year rejected the summons to advance elections and went to court.

The lower house majority leader will seek to make the political movement more dynamic "to add more members, modernise it and transform it into an open party," PJ sources informed 

NA news agency, affirming that the main aim of the new leadership will be to recover the BA branch as "a tool of transformation."


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