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ARGENTINA | 14-09-2023 14:52

Massa adheres to Milei request to debate Budget bill after October election

Representatives for La Libertad Avanza presidential candidate and Unión por la Patria leaders will meet to discuss postponement of 2024 Budget bill as suggested by the libertarian.

Ruling party front Unión por la Patria has offered Javier Milei a meeting after the libertarian presidential candidate asked Economy Minister Sergio Massa to put off debate on the 2024 Budget bill after the election.

The meeting will be attended by Speaker of the Lower House Cecilia Moreau and ruling coalition deputy Carlos Heller, with a view to moving forward towards some common ground between the parties.  

Milei, the winner of the August 13 PASO primaries, proposed earlier this week to postpone the treatment of the 2024 Budget. Through a letter co-signed by the libertarian running-mate and fellow national deputy Victoria Villarruel, he requested for the Executive Branch to be exempt with Article 26 of Law 24,156.

The duo highlighted that it would be important “to dispense with the Executive Branch’s obligation to introduce the Budget bill temporarily, until the election has been completed, taking into account the competitive electoral performance our force showed in the last election."

Sources close to Massa, who is following his campaign trail to La Rioja Province, pointed out that Milei “is suggesting a reasonable idea” and that is why he was summoned for talks. 

However, government officials informed that Massa would introduce the bill to Congress on Thursday nevertheless.

The move comes one day after the minister announced new economic measures to boost pockets after his defeat in the PASO primaries.

In this vein, he disclosed a 21 percent rebate for the self-employed, pensioners and workers who do not pay income tax. 

This is not expected to be the last such announcement by Massa in the run-up to the presidential election in October.





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