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ARGENTINA | 13-09-2023 14:55

On eve of election, Cecilia Strzyzowski's mother and sister say they're leaving Chaco

Both Ángela Strzyzowski and Gloria Romero, missing 28-year-old’s sister and mother, have been living under police protection since she disappeared in early June in Resistencia; Investigators believe she was slain by her husband and his parents.

The mother and sister of Cecilia Strzyzowski, the 28-year-old who disappeared in Resistencia June this year and is presumed to have been murdered, say they're leaving Chaco Province. 

Ángela Strzyzowski, 26, talked to the media for the first time on Tuesday since her sister went missing. She announced that she will travel with her mother, Gloria Romero, on Thursday, after receiving a work opportunity and that her mother is leaving with her for an “indefinite” amount of time.

“I’m leaving indefinitely. My mum is coming with me for the first month [at least],” Ángela said in an interview with Infobae.

“I’m leaving Chaco and taking my mum with me. I don’t want her to stay here. She’s highly exposed and there are a lot of people insulting her and harassing her on social networks.  I don’t want her to deal with all that and the only way to protect her is to take her with me,” she added.

News of the duo’s departure from the region comes on the eve of crucial elections in the province. The leading suspects in the case are politically connected and are close to Jorge Capitanich, Chaco’s current governor who has dominated provincial politics since 2007.

Capitanich, a Peronist strongman, is in danger of losing power in this Sunday’s vote.

Rebuffing potential criticism, Ángela assured that the decision to leave Chaco had “had nothing to do” with this weekend’s election.

“I’m tired of them making up stories. They say [Gloria] didn’t raise us, that she was a bad mother. My mum has always been there for us,” said the 26-year-old. “It’s basically a job opportunity that I decided to take, for financial reasons. I’m leaving indefinitely."

Cecilia’s mother also talked to Infobae, discussing the prospects of the trip with her daughter.

“For the time being, I’m only going with her for the first month. I won’t be here for the election, but I hope [incumbent Peronist Governor Jorge] Capitanich doesn’t win. It’s the only thing I care about,” said Romero.


Police custody

Both Ángela and Gloria Romero, Cecilia’s mother, have been living under police custody since the young woman whose body has not yet been found disappeared, and they do not wish to disclose the place to where they are moving.

Since Cecilia went missing, and during the subsequent investigation into her disappearance, the family have generally chosen to stay away from the media, appearing only at rallies demanding justice.

Investigators are working under the hypothesis that Strzyzowski has been the victim of a femicide. The young 28-year-old was last seen on June 2 this year when a security camera captured the moment she entered the family home with her former partner, César Sena.

Her husband, César Sena, 19, is currently under arrest, accused of being the perpetrator of the crime. The young man's parents, picket leader Emerenciano Sena and politician Marcela Acuña, have been charged as “necessary” participants in the alleged murder.

The young 28-year-old was last seen on June 2 this year when a security camera captured the moment she entered the Sena family home with her former partner.

In total, seven people have been arrested on suspicion of playing a role in Cecilia’s killing. The other four are Fabiana González, Gustavo Obregón, Gustavo Melgarejo and Griselda Reynoso – all assistants of the picket leader. 

In August, the Chaco provincial government, the plaintiff investigating the case of Cecilia’s femicide, confirmed the request to keep all those accused remanded in custody.

According to investigators, Cecilia was strangled and murdered between 12.13pm and 1.01pm in one of the rooms of the house. The indictment alleges César Sena and Obregón wrapped up the young woman’s body and took it to the family’s pig-sty where it was burnt to a crisp.

Experts believe her ashes were spread in various areas of the premises and part of her bones were thrown into the Tragadero River. Testing on remains found on the riverbed was unable to identify them but showed they had been incinerated for several hours.

DNA testing revealed Cecilia’s blood on multiple elements inside the Sena household’s home, which she entered on June 2 and was never seen exiting.

According to the court, she was murdered by the spouses and their son, and then her remains were moved via van to the family’s ranch and the body incinerated.

Trial by jury is scheduled to be held next year.

Last week, Emerenciano Sena recorded a controversial video from his jail cell where he showed the conditions he has been living in since was accused of the femicide and compared his living situation to that of late Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. In the 30-second video, Sena also questioned the prosecutor and the magistrate.



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