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ARGENTINA | 09-12-2019 13:59

Macri delivers farewell address to supporters at Casa Rosada

Outgoing leader calls the last four years an era of "transformations" and promises his successor a "constructive opposition."

President Mauricio Macri bid farewell to thousands of supporters in a packed Plaza de Mayo on Saturday evening, three days before hands over power to president-elect Alberto Fernández.

Chants and songs in favour of the outgoing leader could be heard from the crowd, with the president hailing "the presence of women," who looked to be the majority in the famous square.

Macri and his wife, First Lady Juliana Awada, took to the balcony of the Casa Rosada at 6.45pm along with his vice-presidential running-mate Miguel Pichetto. Together, they sang the national anthem, before the leader addressed the crowd.

Supporters of Juntos por el Cambio anxiously awaited for him to reappear to give his speech, likely the last of his term as president. 

"Thank you from my heart. My heart is more yours than mine. Thank you for accompanying me on these four years of transformations. I have understood with maturity that we are all protagonists," Macri began. "We have accomplished many things."

He gave a special thanks to women, who he said "had mobilised" and "were more present than ever before to defend their families and their futures." 

As he continued, he lamented his loss, saying that he felt sadness to "not be able to continue working for the reforms that the country needs." 

"I know that you are anxious about what is coming, but there's no reason to be because it will be an era of learning. And it is also an immense joy for there to be so many people that want to change Argentina for forever," Macri said. 

The march, advertised under the slogan "more together than ever," was also attended by Cabinet ministers and the outgoing Buenos Aires Province Governor María Eugenia Vidal, participated

The outgoing president also spoke indirectly to his successor. Macri promised a "constructive opposition," reflecting on how the last four years had been "far more difficult than he imagined." 

In a final note of optimism and resilience, Macri thanked all the young people who had attended, the government coalition that had supported him and his family. 

"I hug you will my entire heart. See you soon, because we have only just begun," he ended. 



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