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ARGENTINA | 29-11-2019 08:54

Macri, Fernández seek 'excellent' relationship with Uruguay's next leader

Alberto Fernández says relationship with conservative leader Luis Lacalle-Pou will be as good as if opponent Daniel Martínez had won election.

President Mauricio Macri offered his congratulations to Uruguay's next leader, Luis Lacalle Pou, on Thursday night atter the Partido Nacional leader's victory in last Sunday's elections was finally confirmed.

"Congratulations to @LuisLAcallePou for his victory in the elections. I wish that Argentina and Uruguay continue to move forward on this common path for the welfare of citizens," said Macri, in a post on Twitter.

Lacalle Pou, of centre-right-Partido Nacoinal won last Sunday's presidential run-off to removethe leftist Frente Amplio (FA) coalition from power after end 15 years of leftist rule in Uruguay. The conservative leader will assume office on March 1, 2020 for a term lasting five years.

Through a statement from the Foreign Ministry, Argentina hailed "the democratic vocation and commitment of the entire Uruguayan people."

"The Argentine Republic reaffirms its firm commitment to continue working together with the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, building in our region, and as Mercosur, a growth horizon in line with the aspirations of both peoples on either side of the Río de la Plata, which symbolises the traditional union of both nations," the statement added.

Meanwhile, Argentina's own president-elect, Peronist leader Alberto Fernández, said he had an "excellent relationship" with Uruguay's incoming leader.

Fernaández supported the candidacy of Frente Amplio presidential hopeful Daniel Martínez, meeting with him in both Buenos Aires and Montevideo during the campaign.

Speaking two days ago, the president-elect said relations with Uruguay would be good under his leadership, whoever won election.

"I am a very good friend of the Lacalle family. I know Luis because of my friendship with Cuqui and Julita [ the Uuguay president-elect's parents]. The personal relationship is optimal," he said.

"When I visited Martínez I said expressly that if Lacalle won, the relationship would be as good as if Martínez won,", said Fernández.


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