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ARGENTINA | 15-09-2021 14:25

Interior Minister Eduardo 'Wado' de Pedro offers resignation, others to follow

Interior Minister Eduardo ‘Wado’ de Pedro offers resignation to President Alberto Fernández; As many as four other Cabinet officials also expected to quit.

Interior Minister Eduardo ‘Wado’ de Pedro has offered his immediate resignation to President Alberto Fernández, citing the need to "interpret the verdict" given by the electorate in last Sunday’s PASO primaries.

In a letter to the president reproduced by the Télam state news agency, the minister said that tendering his resignation was the best way to “collaborate” with this “task.”

"Listening to your words on Sunday night, where you raised the need to interpret the verdict expressed by the Argentine people, I have considered that the best way to collaborate with this task is by putting my resignation at your disposal," reads the letter.

According to reports, de Pedro could be the first of a number of key officials to offer to leave their post, with four others expected to resign their posts later today.

Local outlets claimed Wednesday that the head of the PAMI healthcare agency Luana Volnovich, ANSES chief Fernanda Raverta and Science & Innovation Minister Roberto Salvarezza will also offer to quit. Others rumoured to be jumping ship include Justice Minister Martín Soria.

All of the aforementioned – including de Pedro – are seen as Kirchnerite figures who respond to Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Many have ties to the La Cámpora political youth organisation.

Just two days ago, Casa Rosada sources began briefing to journalists that the president wanted to keep all of his Cabinet in place, despite the poor results seen at the ballot box last weekend.

The wave of resignations will pile further pressure on President Fernández and could oblige him to make a largescale reshuffle, unless he refuses to accept the offers.



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