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ARGENTINA | 30-03-2018 16:18

In this Saturday’s edition: Families of the fallen visit the Malvinas

Elsewhere, we'll bring you an interview with the director of the Argentina Project, Benjamin Gedan, and cover Britain's exit from the European Union in a two-page special.

In this week’s edition of the Buenos Aires Times, we focus in on the historic visit of more than 200 relatives of 90 fallen Argentine soldiers killed in the South Atlantic War with Britain to Darwin Cemetery.

The emotional trip was the culmination of a process led by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which managed to identify solders from 121 tombs that previously bore a simple inscription in English on each gravestone: “Argentine soldier known only to God.” 

In this Saturday’s edition, we bring you the story of the visit and, in an exclusive, emotional report from the historic occasion, Carolina Barros shares her experience of this momentous day. Our editorial this week will also focus on the event.

Keeping with local news, we’ll bring you the latest stories from Argentina’s slightly abridged week and  focus on the new poverty statistics issued by INDEC this week.

Elsewhere, Santiago del Carril interviews Benjamin Gedan, former South America director on the National Security Council under the Obama administration, who today leads the Argentina Project, a programme from the Wilson Center, one of the world’s most respected thinktanks.

In a two-page special, we’ll also look at Brexit, with Britain now just one year away from its departure from the European Union.

Finally, we’ll round off our edition with exclusive opinion pieces from Agustino Fontevecchia, James Neilson and Michael Soltys.

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