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In the Times, this Saturday: G20, Gambling, Vidal and BA province

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In this week’s edition of the Buenos Aires Times, we’ll be focusing on gambling and Buenos Aires province.

Buenos Aires province is overloaded with gambling options – Mar del Plata alone has seven gaming halls. During her election campaign, Governor María Eugenia Vidal vowed to tackle the problem, but she is finding that lengthy licences and pushback from the racing industry have stacked the odds against her. As experts warn that the resources to treat addiction are insufficient, it seems all bets are off when it comes to gambling. Journalist Federico Poore investigates Governor Vidal’s attempts to clean house.

In local news, we’ll bring you the biggest stories from the week and the latest economic news.

From Washington, Santiago del Carril speaks to Commerce Secretary Miguel Braun and Argentina’s Ambassador to the US, Fernando Oris de Roa, as they battle to win Argentina an exemption from US President Donald Trump’s new steel and aluminium tariffs.

Jacob Meschke will then preview next week’s G20 meeting in Buenos Aires, which brings together the heads of central banks and finance ministries of the world’s most powerful nations. IMF chief Christine Lagarde is already in Argentina and has been, willingly or unwillingly, helping to set the agenda for the first high-profile G20 event on Argentine soil.

Isabella Soto then interviews Millie Herrera, a business leader and the CEO of the Miami Group, who explains more about her upcoming trip leading a team of US investors to La Rioja and San Juan.

In World news, we look at the row between Britain and Russia over the poisoning of a double agent on the streets of the United Kingdom, the tears shed for a Brazilian politician and look back on the life of Stephen Hawking, the professor who changed physics.

In Culture, we take a look at the tourists who are becoming polo players for the day, bring you news of the Argentine author nominated for the Man Booker Prize and in Sports, Dan Edwards covers the Supercopa, in which River Plate came out on top, defeating Boca.

Finally, we’ll wrap things up with two of our regular columnists, James Neilson - who tackles Pope Francis’ fifth anniversary as leader of the Catholic Church - and Michael Soltys, who covers trade, protectionism and other economic questions. Guest voices Brenda Lynch and Inés Lovisolo, from IPSOS Argentina, then look at gender inequality and attitudes toward women, violence and harassment.

Pick up your copy inside the Perfil newspaper, this and every Saturday!

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