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ARGENTINA | 25-07-2022 17:28

Grabois talks “blood on the streets”

Picket leader warns of future looting while rival Raúl Castells tries it out in a Rosario supermarket.

Juan Grabois of the MTE grouping (Movimiento de Trabajadores Excluidos) on Wednesday forecast a social outburst with possible "blood on the streets" following a stiff protest against the Alberto Fernández administration that day to demand a Basic Universal Salary.

 "I prefer to say these things now and not have to be sorry when the looting begins," Grabois told C5N news channel, predicting that the outburst could come "in weeks or months" and ruling out social stability with "these growing levels of poverty and the government’s lack of reaction with social measures."

"How many millions of dollars are there in the bags of soy and is there no way of converting that fortune in our soil into Central Bank reserves?" he insisted, asserting that there were US$14 billion lying around in the countryside waiting to be taxed.

While especially harsh with President Alberto Fernández, Grabois did not spare Vice-President Cristina Kirchner.  
"She has no eye for candidates, that’s her responsibility. She has the merit of having constructed a strategy to get rid of (Mauricio) Macri but in everyday life people are demanding concrete measures, not historical explanations."

While Grabois is talking about looting in the future tense, picket leader Raúl Castells talks about looting in the present after his organisation burst into a Rosario supermarket last Tuesday to demand food.

Castells also took a swipe at Vice-President Cristina Kirchner’s multi-million pension, saying: "Around 6.5 million pensioners earn 1,000 pesos a day where the Vice-President picks up over 4.14 million pesos a month," also accusing Grabois of handling a budget of 70 billion pesos. 



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