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ARGENTINA | 21-03-2020 08:02

Government pledges financial support for low-income sectors

The government announced on Tuesday six new measures to diminish the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis for the lowestincome sectors.

The measures were announced at a press conference by Social Development Minister Daniel Arroyo and ANSES social security administration chief Alejandro Vanoli, who described the measures as “necessary to help those who most need it” while “implying a major effort by the national state.”

That effort is estimated at a total fiscal cost of 27.65 billion pesos and will benefit almost 18 million people, mostly pensioners collecting the minimum retirement benefit and the recipients of social plans.


◆ A bonus of up to 3,000 pesos in April for all collecting the minimum benefit (63 percent of pensioners) and also for those above the floor up to a peak of 18,892 pesos

◆ A bonus for family (AUH) and maternity (AUE) benefits to the equivalent of two extra AUH family benefits (3,100 pesos)

◆ A grace period of two extra months for all ANSES credits available to pensioners at all levels

◆ A bonus of 3,000 pesos in March for over half a million recipients of the Hacemos Futuro y Salario Social Complentario social plans plus a bank for the construction materials for minor neighbourhood projects

◆ A budget booster for school and community canteens Postal delivery of the Alimentar food stamp plan cards.

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