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ARGENTINA | 29-11-2023 14:18

Four more Argentines released from Gaza

Dual Argentine citizens Ofelia Roitman, Clara Marman, Gabriela Leimberg and Mia Leimberg released by Hamas.

Four Argentine women held in Gaza by the group Hamas were released on Tuesday with a group of hostages, as reported by sources in the Argentine Government.

They are Ofelia Feler de Roitman, aged 77, Clara Marman, aged 63, and Gabriela Leimberg, aged 59, together with her 17-year-old daughter Mia, all of them Argentine citizens, who had been kidnapped on Saturday, October 7, when Hamas terrorists forcefully entered the kibbutz where they lived.

“Today, within the negotiations being carried out between different international interlocutors, a new group of people kidnapped by terrorist organisation Hamas since October 7, 2023 has been released,” government sources indicated.

Ofelia Feler de Roitman is the aunt of Argentine journalist Hernán Feler, who since the kidnapping of his relative posted about her case tirelessly on his social networks. 

“They’re crossing over to Israel at this very moment.“ her nephew stated to the press after news came of his aunt’s release.

In the meantime, her son, Damián Roitman said to a TV channel in Israel: “It’s impossible to describe what was going through our minds when we saw the first photos. We’re very, very excited and happy."

The Argentines who spent 53 days in the Gaza strip were 21 in all, out of which six had been released on Tuesday within the truce between Israel and Hamas. 

They were twins Yuli and Emma Cuño, and their mother Sharon; as well as Karina Engelbert with her daughters Mika and Yuval.

All members of the Engel-Engelbert family and the Cuño family are Argentine citizens, as informed by the Israeli Embassy.

The releases were part of a truce taking place since last week.



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