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ARGENTINA | 29-06-2020 08:00

Limited flights to Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam restart in Argentina

Once a week, special flights operated by various airlines will depart from Ezeiza, with flights also scheduled for Miami, Rome and Tel Aviv. Travellers will have to maintain a 14-day quarantine at their destination and sign a declaration that inhibits them from making claims against the government.

Flights to several European capitals, the United States destination most beloved by Argentines and Israel's most popular city have been approved by the government, as a transitional step towards a full re-opening of international flights on September 1.

Flights began departing Ezeiza International Airport on Wednesday, July 1, though officials have confirmed they are not just for those stranded overseas thanks to the coronavirus pandemic – they will be accessible to all those interested in travelling abroad. 

The government has made agreements with several airlines. Weekly flight options now include a Saturday flight to Madrid’s Barajas International Airport, operated by Iberia, which will run from July 4 to August 1. KLM and Air France flights to Amsterdam and Paris will follow similar schedules.

Flights to Paris, meanwhile, will depart on Sunday, July 5, Tuesday, July 14, Tuesday, July 21 and from Thursday, July 30 will be fixed on Thursdays until August 27.

There is also a July 2 flight scheduled to Tel Aviv, a July 3 flight to Rome and two to Miami, departing on July 21 and July 30. There is no fixed frequency for these flights.

These routes will be complemented with others, though without regularity. The Foreign Ministry said last week that similar negotiations are being negotiated with other companies.

These trips will be for all citizens who wish to leave the country. Passengers will be required to sign an affidavit when passing through customs, in which they will renounce their right to claim assistance from the government should they wish to return to Argentina. Passengers will be asked to sign a text that declares: "I declare that I know that the State of Argentina will not be able to guarantee my return to the country during the period of time in which international passenger flights from the 'affected areas' are suspended." 

Other extraordinary flights that have already been scheduled remain as planned, the government added in a statement.

According to Foreign Minister Felipe Solá, all the Argentines and Argentine residents who travelled for tourist purposes and were surprised by the coronavirus lockdown during their vacation, and wished to return to the country, have been returned home. 



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