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ARGENTINA | 11-11-2022 18:59

Fernández denounces 'indecency' of Ukraine war and its impact on South

From Paris, President Alberto Fernandez denounces "indecency" of the war in Ukraine and its impact on global south.

President Alberto Fernandez on Friday denounced the "indecency" of the war in Ukraine, which has serious consequences around the world and in particular in developing countries. 

"If anyone thinks that the war is just a conflict between Russians and Ukrainians, they are mistaken," Fernández told a debate panel at the Paris Peace Forum, promoted by the French Presidency.

"Here in the North, missiles are flying, but in the South, hunger is developing," the Peronist leader stressed to the host of the event, French President Emmanuel Macron. 

Fernández also denounced "the indecency, after the pandemic we have lived through, of some people killing others over territorial disputes."

Argentina's leader recalled that the war in Ukraine has caused losses of US$5 billion for his country this year, "which we must spend on higher gas prices, higher fertiliser prices."

The fifth edition of the two-day forum has a South American colour, with the presence of Colombian President Gustavo Petro and contacts between the Venezuelan government and opposition.




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