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ARGENTINA | 07-05-2019 02:13

Every 33 hours: Femicide rate alarmingly high at the start of 2019

According to new data, in the first 120 days of 2019 there were 87 femicides throughout Argentina, which is equivalent to one femicide every 33 hours.

In the first 120 days of 2019 there were at least 87 femicides in Argentina – the equivalent of one femicide every 33 hours, according to new data.

According to a survey, conducted by the academic group El Observatorio de Femicidios de Proyecto Generar, 74 percent of recorded femicides occurred in the victim's home. Only seven percent happened on public areas, with 24 percent recorded as suicides or attempted suicides.

As indicated, 95 percent of recorded femicides were carried out by males who were close of the victim, with 52 percent committed by partners, and 23 percent by a victim's former partner.

In the first four months of 2019, the Observatory also found that a huge amount of femicides – 42 percent – took place in the nation's most populous province, Buenos Aires Province. The second highest tally, Córdoba Province, registered just nine percent as way of contrast.

Official data recording femicides has been difficult to come by in recent years, with many going unrecorded, and the Observatory acknowledged the absence of official statistics in its report. The authors used data from the media to complete their report.

"The registry used the data that is available in national, provincial and local graphical resources, given that there is no single official registry of femicides from the State that can record the murders and generate a comprehensive public policy proposal that addresses this problem," the observatory said in a statement.

Another entity, La Casa del Encuentro, recently reported that in the first 10 months of 2018, there were 225 femicides, which is one every 32 hours.



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