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ARGENTINA | 28-02-2020 15:17

Killer who stabbed girlfriend 113 times released from jail, 24 years on

Fabián Tablado, who committed the brutal femicide of 17-year-old Carolina Aló in 1996, was released from prison today after more than two decades behind bars.

After almost 24 years in prison, Fabián Tablado, the man who killed his girlfriend Carolina Aló by stabbing her 113 times in May 1996 in the Buenos Aires town of Tigre, regained his freedom on Friday.

This morning Tablado, 43, walked out of Campana Penal Unit number 21 after serving the sentence for killing Aló and another two years for threatening another woman whom he married in 2007 while in prison and had twin daughters with, though they separated in 2013. 

“I will try to do my best,” Tablado replied when asked how his new phase of life will be outside of jail. 

“I am very aware of what happened. There is not a day when I do not think about asking for forgiveness,” he said, referring to his brutal murder of Aló. 

He added: “I leave with a different mind. I am not the same person anymore. I am not what I did in the past. I have studied law. I want to leave prison with a favourable image.”  

A psychiatric evaluation ordered by the Criminal Enforcement Judge of San Isidro, Alejandro David, indicates that Tablado presents normal mental faculties, although it is advised that he not communicate with his daughters, who are currently 11 years old. 

Among other issues, concern has been raised surrounding the understanding that the convicted murderer has “a low tolerance for frustration and that, in the face of it, he could take action,” according to judicial sources. 

The report was sent by a criminal court to family judge Silvia Sendra, who is in charge of issuing a possible restraining order regarding the contact of Tablado with his daughters and ex-wife. 

The crime occurred on May 27, 1996, when Tablado stabbed Carolina Aló — she was 17 at the time — 113 times at his home in Tigre, after she refused to have a child with him. 

The femicide was sent to trial and the man was convicted in May 1998. His sentence was increased by two-and-a-half years after he threatened to kill his ex-partner.  

The inmate, however, benefitted from the so-called '2x1' law that was in place at the time, which counts each year in pre-trial detention beyond two years as double. The years he used for educational purposes were also counted. 

Last December, Judge David had already anticipated the release of Tablado by this date, while pointing out that “legally there is nothing to do because he has served his sentence.”

Femicide and gender violence remain global issues. According to the Mumalá Observatory, 43 femicides occurred between January 1 and February 26, the majority of which — 65 percent — took place in the victim’s home. 



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