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ARGENTINA | 28-02-2020 13:57

Fernández confirms justice reform bill, says system ‘needs a revision’

President confirmed on Friday in a radio interview that he will provide outline of his reform package in speech to Congress on Sunday.

President Alberto Fernández confirmed Friday that he will send a judicial reform bill to Congress next week, declaring that “Argentine justice needs a revision, because it’s not functioning well.”

“We are working on the issue. We want it to work better. Argentine Justice needs to a revision – we have reached the point where Justice is not functioning well,” said the Peronist leader.

In an interview with Radio 10, the president said his reform “seeks to bring order to the functioning of federal justice system.”

“In the courts, there are people working in subhuman conditions, full of papers, people, overworked ... and how can it be that they have a fixed term of 40 billion pesos of savings. How can you tell me that is a good administration system?" he stressed.

Therefore he added: “They are living in the ‘Belle epoque’, throwing butter on the roof, when the rest of the country is having a hard time. Justice cannot be administered like this.”

In this regard, Fernández clarified that he has “no problems with the Court, nor with the Tribunals, but the Executive branch is the administrative power.”

“I want independent, sound, worthy judges. The immense majority are honest, proven and worthy judges and few have sullied the image of all. It’s not a question of putting everyone in the same bag,” he nuanced.

At the same time, he noted that the reform plan also concerns “The ordinary courts and the City, because some jurisdictions must be transferred to the City.”

Fernández is expected to address the topic further in his speech to Congress on Sunday opening up new sessions.



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